Thank YOU! Thank You So Much!!!!!
Thanks to everyone who came through to help our March fund drive. Thanks to our members, phone volunteers, restaurants and food suppliers, our challenge grantors, and to our staff and volunteers for making WMKV, WLHS, and our streaming a unique offering worth member support! If you missed the drive and would like to still pledge, you can see items or make a secure pledge by clicking the Make A Donation link, or call us at 513-782-2427 or 877-772-9658.
Thank You All from all of us at WMKV/WLHS!

Are you 70 and a half or older and looking to make a major difference? If you have to take a Required Minimum Distribution from your retirement plan, did you know you can donate it directly to a 501c3 like WMKV and avoid the tax consequences? It’s a great way to make an end of year gift using all or part of your RMD. Bob Hanneken has information at WMKV 513-782-8678, and you can consult your financial professional. Bob can get you the basic info you need for your consultant to make the transaction easy! It’s a great way to donate. Thanks!

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