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Uncle JOOOOOE Zahn from Trivia Turned 85!

Thanks to Stephen Perry of the famous Perry family for this wonderful picture that depicts a home with WMKV playing on the radio. Stephen and his family come in regularly to help WMKV during our fundraisers in the Big Broadcast! Thanks Stephen! We agree no home is complete without at least a little WMKV!

Where is the 'Doctorate of Trivia' Today?


At the National Geographic Winter in Yellowstone Expedition, February 2014. In the background is Canary Spring - a part of Mammoth Hot Springs! BRRR!

Marty with a 2006 WMKV Doctorate of Trivia Certificate at the Roman Baths of Sulis Minerva at Bath, England!

With the Dodo bird at the Library of Christ Church College, Oxford University, England.

Marty on the ramparts of the Royal Palace at Olite (built in 1402 during the Saracen occupation of Spain), Navarre, Spain.

Marty at the Church of Saint James at Santiago de Campostela, Galicia, Spain - the goal of pilgrims on the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) for over 1000 years.

Marty in the bull ring at Seville. Andalusia, Spain. OLE!! TORO!!

Thanks to one of our faithful Trivia Tuesday listeners Sammie for sending us a photo of her Doctorate of Trivia from the Pacific Northwest!

Marty at Cahokia Mounds, a World Heritage Site across from St. Louis.

Steve's Trivia!

Steve in the 'Smokies'!

Steve on the B-17G Liberty Belle at Lunken Airport (Cinti, Ohio)

Bon Appetit!

Emma's Trivia!

Please note that I traveled at great expense
to display your diploma in Bagdad!!!
(Florida that is) B
ubha the travlin' magician!

Bubha and Miss Alice

Marty at the Pyramid of Kafre, son of Cheops, in Egypt!

Marty at the ancient Greco-Roman city of Jerash in Jordan!

Marty at 10,275 feet in the Alps above Zermat, Switzerland!

Marty at the end of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope!

Presentation of Trivia Certificates by Marty to Liz and
Eugene Bestor of Haut Bay, Cape Town, South Africa!

Marty over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe!

Marty in the Grand Central Cavern of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky!
Marty has taken his trivia to new lows!

Now Marty has wandered to the Ranger Station #2, in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in the headwaters of the Amazon River!

Marty with his trivia at Macchu Piccu in the Peruvian Andes! Waaay cool!

Marty at the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy!

Marty with a WWII B-17 (Aluminum Overcast) at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati,

Marty frolicking with the polar bears on the shore of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba.

A. T. & T. Park in San Francisco!
'Dennis' from Ireland also enjoys Trivia!

Even Churchill Downs!

Let WMKV know where you proudly display your 'Doctorate of Trivia'! Email your picture to and we will add it to our site!

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