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Grandparenting Today

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Sue Zimmermann is your host each Thursday at 1:00 p.m. EST/DST for Grandparenting Today, a one-hour show devoted exclusively to the topic of grandparents and grandparenting issues. Grandparenting Today discusses issues and concerns related to this important role, covering topics such as grandparents raising their own grandchildren, long-distance and step grandparenting, activities to enjoy together and understanding generational differences. Since March, 2002 when the program began, we have covered a wide range of subjects, from an interview with Art Linkletter to multi-generational issues and an interesting interview with two great grandparents raising great grandchildren! In coordination with the Kinship Navigator Program at St. Aloysius Orphanage, we are speaking to those kinship providers who have the huge responsibility of raising relative children, covering a wide range of issues and information beneficial to these families. To quote from Julia Nelson's book, New Fashioned Grandparenting, Changing America One Grandchild at a Time, "anywhere and everywhere you see a grandchild there is an invisible job posting just waiting for a specialist in grandparenting to step into the position. It is grandparents who are society's natural leaders when it comes to teaching values and fundamental life skills." Congratulations to Grandparenting Today for winning the Mature Media Awards 2004 Bronze Award!


Sue Zimmermann

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 Thursday   1:00 PM   1:30 PM 
 Friday   5:00 AM   5:30 AM 

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