A Big Band Memory Book (Hosted By: Lowell Kuntz)
Alice Hornbaker Show (Hosted By: Alice Hornbaker)
Barbershop Harmony (Hosted By: Larry Findlay)
Big Broadcast (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli, Mike Martini)
Cliff Baker (Hosted By: Cliff Baker)
Computer Talk (Hosted By: John Gatch, Tom Emmert, Dave Schram)
Cooking For Yummies (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Doo Wop Soda Shop (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Everybody's Planning (Hosted By: Lew & John Gatch)
Friction (Hosted By: Dave Bartholomew)
Good Morning Cincinnati from Local 12 (Hosted By: John Lomax, Liz Bonis, John Gumm, Bob Herzog)
Healthscope (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
Heritage Hymns (Hosted By: Bob Miller)
Hollywood Radio Theater (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli, Mike Martini)
In Concert (Hosted By: Ken Luther)
It's Great Outdoors (Hosted By: Carol Mundy)
Jammin' With Jim (Hosted By: Jim Ingram)
Jazz Alive (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
John's Idea (Hosted By: John Burns)
Kaleidoscope (Hosted By: Mike Whorf)
Keep Antiquing! (Hosted By: Frank Farmer Loomis)
Latin Satin (Hosted By: Len Goorian)
Life Is Meant To Be Good (Hosted By: Rev. George Whitton)
Local 12 News at 6 (Hosted By: Rob Braun, Cammy Dierking, Tim Hedrick, Brad Johnasen)
London Rhythm (Hosted By: Alan Seeger)
Mary Ellen Tanner (Hosted By: Mary Ellen Tanner)
Medicare Moment (Hosted By: Anne Fredrickson)
Mid-Morn. Coffee with Wolf (Hosted By: Wolf Eschenlohr)
Mike Martini (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Music & Words/Morden Grant (Hosted By: Morden Grant)
Music in Emmert Manner (Hosted By: Tom Emmert)
Mystery Playhouse (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Our Best Friends (Hosted By: Dr. Bob Biederman)
Prime Time Radio (Hosted By: Mike Cuthbert)
Real Life Real Estate Investing (Hosted By: Vena Jones-Cox)
Sandman Standards (Hosted By: Tom Sandman)
Stardust Serenade (Hosted By: Fred Asmus)
Sundays With Sinatra (Hosted By: Jim Milner)
That Was America (Hosted By: Peter Weiglin)
The Link Pavey Show (Hosted By: Link Pavey)
The Music Shelf (Hosted By: Jim King)
The Story of Jazz (Hosted By: Charley Carey)
Theater Of The Mind (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Trivia Tuesday (Hosted By: George Zahn and Mike Martini)
Two On The Aisle (Hosted By: Bill Nimmo)
Union Terminal Time (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Wednesdays At 10 With Ken (Hosted By: Ken Luther)
When Swing Was King (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli)
WMKV / Pops (Hosted By: Bill Nimmo, George Hambrecht, Tom Emmert)
WMKV Cares (Hosted By: George Zahn)
WMKV Means Business (Hosted By: Dave Schram)
WMKV Music (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
WMKV Saturday Morning Cartoons (Hosted By: George Zahn)
World of Theater Pipe Organ (Hosted By: Ed Dooley)

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