WMKV is a leader in locally-produced music, entertainment and information. We strive to preserve the best of the Golden Age of Radio while creating new radio history every day! Among the many programs offered on WMKV (89.3FM), our simulcast on WLHS (89.9FM), and our 24/7 on-line streaming:

Barbershop Harmony (Hosted By: Larry Findlay)
Big Broadcast (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli, Mike Martini)
Cincinnati Band Room (Hosted By: Jeffrey Evans)
Computer Talk (Hosted By: John Gatch, Tom Emmert, Dave Schram)
Cooking For Yummies (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Doo Wop Soda Shop (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Everybody's Planning (Hosted By: Lew & John Gatch)
Friction (Hosted By: Dave Bartholomew)
Good Morning Cincinnati from Local 12 (Hosted By: John Lomax, Liz Bonis, John Gumm, Bob Herzog)
Healthscope (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
Heritage Hymns (Hosted By: Bob Miller)
Hollywood Radio Theater (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli, Mike Martini)
In Concert (Hosted By: Ken Luther)
Jammin' With Jim (Hosted By: Jim Ingram)
Jazz Alive (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
John's Idea (Hosted By: John Burns)
Kaleidoscope (Hosted By: Mike Whorf)
Keep Antiquing! (Hosted By: Frank Farmer Loomis)
Latin Satin (Hosted By: Len Goorian)
Life Is Meant To Be Good (Hosted By: Rev. George Whitton)
Listen Up Lakota! (Hosted By: Robyn Carey Allgeyer)
Local 12 News at 6 (Hosted By: Rob Braun, Cammy Dierking, Tim Hedrick, Brad Johnasen)
London Rhythm (Hosted By: Alan Seeger)
Mary Ellen Tanner (Hosted By: Mary Ellen Tanner)
Medicare Moment (Hosted By: Anne Fredrickson)
Mike Martini (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Music & Words/Morden Grant (Hosted By: Morden Grant)
Mystery Playhouse (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Our Best Friends (Hosted By: Dr. Bob Biederman)
Outdoor Life (Hosted By: Carol Mundy)
Prime Time Radio (Hosted By: Mike Cuthbert)
Real Life Real Estate Investing (Hosted By: Vena Jones-Cox)
Sandman Standards (Hosted By: Tom Sandman)
Stage and Soundtrack (Hosted By: Peter Weiglin)
Sundays With Sinatra (Hosted By: Jim Milner)
The Dusty Rhodes Show (Hosted By: Dusty Rhodes)
The Link Pavey Show (Hosted By: Link Pavey)
Theater Of The Mind (Hosted By: Mike Martini)
Trivia Tuesday (Hosted By: George Zahn and Mike Martini)
Union Terminal Time (Hosted By: George Zahn)
Wednesdays At 10 With Ken (Hosted By: Ken Luther)
When Swing Was King (Hosted By: Mark Magistrelli)
WMKV / Pops (Hosted By: Bill Nimmo, George Hambrecht, Tom Emmert)
WMKV Cares (Hosted By: George Zahn)
WMKV Means Business (Hosted By: Dave Schram)
WMKV Music (Hosted By: Various Hosts)
WMKV Saturday Morning Cartoons (Hosted By: George Zahn)
World of Theater Pipe Organ (Hosted By: Ed Dooley)