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WMKV Remembers Former General Manager, Alan Bayowski

One of the true founders of WMKV Radio has passed. It is with great sadness that we inform you of the loss of Alan Bayowski, the first general manager of WMKV, on May 9 in Youngstown, Ohio after a bout with pancreatic cancer. This station would not be on the air without his diligence and loving care. Alan served in gerantological care and administration for more than 40 years and his dedication to seniors and their spirit was evident in his helping to form WMKV and his work at Maple Knoll Village and at many organizations in his career.

Alan was the eternal optimist. He loved music, especially early rock of the 1960s, and adopted his father’s and uncle’s love of classic cars. We still hear comments about Alan and his red 1959 Cadillac when he was in Cincinnati. Later in life, Alan loved motorcycling as well. He was known for coming into the station each morning and telling Dave Schram and Mike Farrar, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Alan Bayowski will be remembered as a man of great passion, and part of him will always be here at WMKV. Since there was a celebration of his life when he was living, the family is not planning a memorial service. We thank Alan Bayowski for his service to seniors and to WMKV. Please join us in remembering him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace Alan Bayowski.