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The Sunday Drive

Hi all you Groovy Guys and Gals out there in 'Radioland!' I'm Dean Hart and I'd like to invite you to take a Nostalgic Sunday Drive with me.

Let's go back together and remember the Sunday Drives of our childhood memories when you'd hear Mom yelling down the hall, towards our bedrooms, 'Come on kids, your Dad is honking his horn!' 'It's time for our Sunday Drive!' The memories will come flooding back to you as you listen to old T.V. themes, movie themes, maybe an old radio jingle or two, and of course, the music! Hope to see you on the radio every Sunday at Noon! Right here on the Maple Knoll Radio Network!

And as I say at the end, of the show, Enjoy The Memories!

Spend an hour Sunday afternoon listening to the music that graced our radios on those wistful Sunday drives with the family. It's a fun show with great memories and songs that will take you back to yesteryear!